Stories To Read For The Hour

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6 thoughts on “Stories To Read For The Hour

    1. Awe! Thank you! You don’t even want to know how much time it took me to figure out how I wanted it to look. (I’m talking about DAYS!) lol. It was really fun to create though. But thank you. I REALLY appreciate it. Seriously.

      Thanks for liking and commenting! 😀

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      1. You are the sweetest person EVER! lol. Even though I know you are telling the truth it’s just always sometimes better when you hear someone else noticing and acknowledging your work and/or creativity, yeah know? And the fact you are saying this out the blue is even more awesome because that lets me know that what I put out is actually really good and that I have talent (This, I know I have but I become VERY doubtful of myself sometimes; It’s an artist’s gift. 😉 ). lol. Thank you so much!

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      2. It’s easy to doubt oneself! The thing is, it seems like you also have really deep faith in yourself and a strong desire to express yourself–I’ve noticed that in some of the comments you make. It seems like you’ve got something to say, so even if you doubt a little (which is natural), you will express yourself anyway! And that’s a great strength for a writer and an artist to have, and eventually, you’ll learn to trust that desire for expression even more than that little doubting voice! The desire for expression speaks from truth–and the doubting voice doesn’t. It just wants to keep you small to avoid the pain of failure. But, when you realize that failure is no big deal, and is how we often grow, then you can just smile at that doubting voice and let it talk itself silly without paying attention to it!

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      3. WOW… whoa… do you believe how amazing you are? Whoa… like you are SO crazily observant and perceiving (I know it’s not an adjective but I made it one because I couldn’t think of one that goes along with that. lol) But like Wow.. Oh my gosh. You can tell that by reading my comments. You are spectacular. but I will say that yes I have declared to myself a long time ago that I wasn’t going to care about what people think about me because I am who I am so regardless I’m going to express myself to the fullest. And you caught all that by reading my comments… wow. Amazing. But I understand what you are saying. I have gotten better with the doubt thing. and it has prevented me before (I remember I prolonged finishing this art piece for like 6 months because I didn’t think I could correctly do the braid. then afterwards I was fed up and was like I don’t care I’ll do it. And It came out amazingly… Terrible thing doubt can do lol.) But thank you for the speech! 🙂 you are very motivational. If I could choose a lit professor it would DEFINITELY be you! 😉

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